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    There have been many snowskates over time that have faded away but the sport always seems to return. The Snurfer which was made in the 60s is arguably the first snowboard but could also be classified as the first snowskate due to the lack of bindings. In the 70s there was a product called “Snow Skate” which was 2 skis that were then strapped to your skateboard wheels giving the ability to skateboard on the snow, through time there have been many winter alternatives to skateboarding indluding, the Skeeter, Snow Skate and the Sno-Dad to name a few, designs range from 2 sub decks to 4 sub decks or even metal runners for use on ice. Recently two types of snowskating has emerged, Bidecks and Single decks.Bideck SnowskatesBideck snowskates were invented by Stevens Pass local Steve Frink, the idea surfaced in 1993 during a board burning ritual and by 2001 after many prototypes there was a finished product under the brand "Bi-Deck Snowskates". Around the same time Burton released the "Snowdeck" which they then produced for the next several years before declaring it dead. Bidecking is still alive and thriving and there are many different styles of bideck each tailored to a different style of riding. There are long boards made for stability and riding the mountain or there are shorter boards made for riding rails or smaller technical features, Bidecks are very similar to riding a bindingless snowboard and can be ridden anywhere on the mountain.Single Deck SnowskatesSingle deck snowskates were started by Premier Snowskates in 1998 by Andy Wolf (ex pro snowboarder for Nitro). When Single deck snowskates first came out there was a plethora of snowskate parks popping up around North America and the Premier Snowskate team was riddled with pro snowboarders spreading the good word. When single deck snowskating was in its infancy the main style of riding was ride on boxes and rails with simple skateboard style tricks done in the provided snowskate parks or backyard parks, Many resorts have since removed their snowskate parks and the majority of single deck snowskaters have progressed to street skating including handrails and other skateboard inspired terrain.

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