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    I've been a snowboarder for about 25 years.  I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty good at it.  I still love it, but decided it was time for a change.  My local hill is relatively small, so it's gotten a little stale.  Since snowskating is allowed, I decided that a new sport would liven it up for me.I checked with the hill's manager and he gave snowskates the go-ahead.  No one at my hill snowskates at all, so there is nobody to ask for guidance.  I have no background in skateboarding at all, although I have wakeskated and wakeboarded.Can someone give me a how to for snowskating?  I'm not looking for a manual for tricks.  What I'm wondering is, has someone got a video or an article or something that explains how I should go about getting started?  I've got a LibTech 39" skate, and I've managed to get down the beginner run a bunch of times, but I feel like I'm not turning/carving effectively.  I may be approaching it too much like a snowboarder.I've searched online and there is really nothing out there to get a true noob going.  Stance, carving/turning, list goes on.I'd be a great opportunity for someone with some skills to create a Video.  (hint hint)Any help would be appreciated!Cheers!


    Majority of the snowskate community is on facebook, do some search digging, I'm sure some will give u some helpful tips..  It's really dry on this forum now.



    I dont know about other people, but I like to ride like im on a surfboard.


    The top maybe is to wide for ur feet, u want the balls of ur feet and heel to hang out to give u the proper leverage for carving/turning (just think riding a skateboard).. Your height and weight will determine your stance, eventually u'll find the sweet spot.. And yah topdeck matters too, for instance I have the older libtech snowskate, the top which is 39″ long, I usually have a little wider stance for that deck.. Majority of my riding I ride 35″ length decks from December.


    Thanks for the replies.  I've been watching a lot of footage, and it looks like a heavy front foot, light back foot and using that back foot to turn.Based on the fact that I'm a cruiser and not a trickster, I may invest in 48" sub as well as some better trucks. 


    Well worth it, more stable off jumps, faster speeds.. Other snowskate companies u might find interested of: Ralston, Predog, Boyd Hill, Hovland, Chillerdecks, just to name some.



    if your 39 has mag speed is your friend. You will want to initiate down the fall line just like snowboarding. When in doubt ride it out. Mole hills will be mountains. And if you have kids don't gent me started.

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