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    I know there are threads in here on the risers.  anyone wanna talk shop on what they use or don't use? heights?


    I just cut up some more 1/2″ risers last month, they open up the door more, more edge control, sharper carves, more pop, especially good if u have a little mogul field.. I like'em.What I'm not stoked about is that I had to cut up a shorter riser plate (49er sub that takes 1 5/8" hole pattern) for my Predog V2 roulette's.. I originally purchased the 3 1/2 riser plate option for my chiller sub, and it sucks that the owner demanded extra money for the 1 5/8" riser plate.. It's like why can't u throw in all the riser plate hole pattern's in the package their just peices of plastic material,  I already spent $70 bucks+ for this, why demand extra for just sh!t pieces of plastic.. And then the owner comes out with the V3 roulette's, OMFG, finally one metal piece bases, it took long enough! >_>



    I currently have 1/4' between deck and rockers.  have never really felt a difference I don't think.  maybe that's not enough to notice


    Idk man, I don't think I would feel a difference between the two sizes.. I straight away went with 1/2″ cause I had some left over plywood from a past project.. I seen a pic where a rider installed 1/2″ risers between the sub and bases of one pivot trucks.. Keeping the pivot near the center/vertical as possible between the sub and top, I wonder how that would feel like? I might experience that one day.



    imo unless its a carving specific board you dont want risers for tech. they make it more tippy when you get up on rails, boxes ect, and makes setting up for tricks wobbly. But theres always those times when u got a board that doesnt have quite the amount of edge hold you would like, thats where risers come in but you are riding a fine line stability wise. whatever works for your setup really.


    I'm running a 9.25/9.3/8″ wide deck on my superpark, since the sub has less sidecut length = short turns, maybe get away without using risers. I'll experiment which feels better.



    ?sub has less sidecut length than what?ive been running a 34.75x9 predog top deck on there and it seems about the right size. how long is your top deck?


    Just mentioning that it has less interesting sidecut length, thus shorter length equaling short fast carving if ur a taller person. This season new deck, 34 3/4″ or 34 7/8″ length (last time I remember measuring) will go on the superpark.



    I was running 1/2″ on a wefunc sub. (rayne renegade, clissic trucks) Carved great but a tad high. Made som 7mm (just over 1/4") riders out of a cutting board, perfect compimese bewteen edge grip and stablity.No riser stable, but no fun and heel drag when carving fast


    I'm around 6'3″ so 1/2″ doesn't feel weird for me unless if it's mainly a freestyle board.



    When we got the batch of the wefunk Slasher V2 last spring, we did smoe extensive testing with different setups.The lower the deck the easier to initiate fast speedchecks and drifting. The higher the less stable the setup but easier to hold and pull through fast carves, especially on easier slopes.After a full day of swapping boards and setups in varying spring conditions from ice in the morning to slush in the afternoon I came to the conclusion that 1/4" riser is the golden middle for me and my setup of wefunk sub and 9.4" wide Rayne top. I also initially had setup my quite wide Evo2 powder/slush sub with even 3/4" of risers. On harder slopes it was near impossible to edge it. Going down with the riser height now made it much easier to put it on the edge. If you riser too high (especially on a wider sub) you lose leverage again. IMO it's worth to try out different riser heights for your personal setup and riding style.



    i ride my libtech pow ski and an all mountain/ park board with no riders, and find it pretty easy to initiate a turn, and carve fast tight and big turns.

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