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    hey everyone,what site is carrying Rockers right now?  anyone know?  looks like the snowskaters shop is currently sold out.  is snosk8 still up and running?  thanks

    Try, the owner Jake hasn't updated the site in years though, no telling what this years colorway or any difference in modifications if their is any.



    I assume jake would send out the newest version. I will get trucks back in the shop soon.



    ok cool, thanks Jordan.  i'll keep checking back then.



    Has anyone had any experience with the glams?



    Has anyone had any experience with the glams?

    Yes, what would you like to know.


    I would like to know to, only have experience with the single hinge axle trucks. The way I picture it though, it seems the double hinges on the glams will work best for riders who like to ride switch/fakie, do tail and nose presses and doing tricks easier I guess.



    You can put the double pivot in the front to make the nose softer and absorb bumps easier or you can put the double pivot in the back and make the tail softer so its easier to engage the back section of your edges. Double pivot in the front and back make the sub softer overall and smooth out edge contact, The double pivot trucks lose some height when you apply pressure to them so you lose some leverage when doing ollies but depending on the geometry of your board making the tail softer could outweigh the leverage you lose.



    spoken like a true connoisseur!





    ok I dont know if you guys are all on Facebook nowadays, but I'll ask here first.So I have a Libtech powskid that came complete with the 39 topdeck and Rocker ClassicsI swapped the the 52ish pow sub on to my 46'' Ohio topdeck. I got that done using HarfangClaw XT trucks without having to redial anywhere. I now own a 12lbs snowskate.Now the problem lies with the leftovers.I tried to make the Lib topdeck (20.5'') fit on the Gnu Ohio sub (22.25'' inserts)I took apart the Rocker's pin, popped out all 4 bushings to turn the baseplate 180 degrees.Now i can no longer reassemble the top on the base with all the bushings in.I can fit it in with one bushing and its tight. has anyone else ever had issues with this?Should i just file down the inside face?



    Get the punks


    I noticed that the Rocker Trucks Facebook page is down.  Also website just has a photo and no links.  Out of business?  Just wondering as I need new trucks for the 2016/17 season.


    Yah I noticed that to. Hopefully he is working out a new site. Check out Predog's, fits all hole pattern sub's, slot opening to fit different size tops.. A bit on the pricey side.. I tend to favor rocker trucks, cause it's cheaper and u can make ur own modification on trucks. I find predog's a little to tall on freestyle.

Viewing 13 posts - 61 through 73 (of 73 total)

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