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    MC Pono

    Will let everything go as a package for $500. Will also consider parting the decks individually as a complete setup. Additional pics available upon request. Feel free to call me anytime as well.**The Goods**2010 0910 33" Original Swiss Snowskate sub $200 the most skate like park board or for laying down tricks off mountain. Don't know anyone else stateside with this. Come with your choice of top my two top decks. Custom 0910 trucks and leash included.2011 Ralston 41" sub. Complete Setup with Rocker Ramp Trucks $220. Ridden one day. Almost mint condition.2010 Boyd Hill 42" sub made by Bryce Rich, the original inventor of the double nosed ski. This board is my all mountain favorite. Has a little nick I repaired on the top deck, but doesn't affect riding. $180 and one of the two top decks.Will let everything go as a package for $500Top Decks:Two custom snowskate decks are handmade by December Snowskates by Kevin Brennan.One is 34.5" x 9.5" Handmade October 2010 for the upcoming winter season. Super lightweight.My "Swiss Custom" also 34.5" x 9.5" made back in the winter of 09. Top deck foam could probably use replacement in the near future, but its still good to go.ExtrasFull set of almost brand new Powerslide Pads brand newFull set of Solex skate pads usedI've got two paracord leashes I've made as well as pads, and extra roll of foam grip tape, wax, and an edger.All this stuff was basically used for one season as I lightly test rode them. 0910 was ridden around Switzerland and Germany and very well maintained. Got one gouge that I professionally repaired and the board was always waxed and rails maintained.All subs were waxed and stored and haven't been touched for pretty much 5 years. Took them to China to use in a giant snow closed when I got there!all pics on my LA Craigslist ad.


    Sick boards, good luck will the sale.



    trucks are on the 41 and the boydhill? is any of this still for sale?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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